Wednesday, April 9, 2014

DC's Best Casino!

Earlier today, I watched an interview that somebody I started my job with back in 2000 aught 3 did with the boss of my whole job.  As I watched this candid conversation (read:  completely scripted), where she asked questions that everybody wanted to know (read:  were provided to her probably by the guy she was interviewing), about what was most important to the people that work here (read:  I assume because I fell asleep 3.4 seconds in to the interview), I once again found myself thinking, why do I work here?

So far on my rotation, I've done the work that I assumed was hard and taking the people up here weeks to 30 minutes.  So with nothing else assigned, the only real difference between what I do in Denver, and what I'm doing in DC, is that it's hard to play pet rescue and watch videos on youtube up here.  Oh well, at least I get per diem.  Plus my cell connection in the bathroom is better you know....small victories.

Since coming here, I've developed, or rather, fed, my gambling habit by getting into the dirty business of scratch off lottery tickets.  So far, after having spent $8 for random convenience store scratch offs, I've won a grand total of $21, leaving me with a net profit of $13  (the math checks out.)  Some people might see that as a one off victory and take their profits and good memories of winning something when they hardly ever win anything.  This is a normal feeling, and a logical thing to do.  Which is why, of course, I have to be completely different, and have decided that the $13 I have left is basically venture capital money into a much larger scratch off ticket enterprise.  But like many successful businesses before me, I am not jumping right into the world of $3 and $5 tickets.  Too often does the greed of larger profits take control of many a business, and they concentrate all their funding into risky projects that fail.  In the scratch off world, all these potential tycoons are left with is the residue of whatever the crap scratch offs are made with under their finger nails.  No, I'll follow the GE model, and stick with a slow and steady growth of my empire, one $1 ticket at a time.

This weekend I'll return to Denver after 10 nights here in DC.  The weather is expected to be a fantastic 76 degrees Friday afternoon, and then it will quickly devolved into snow and rain and cold and jesus god when will this end?

I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed and catching up on DVR.  The drawback to using DVR I found is that when you stay in a hotel you have no clue when anything is actually on TV.  So you end up watching the same episode of Game of Thrones all week long on HBO because that makes sense.

What else?  Tonight I'm going to try a South Indian restaurant here in DC, near Dupont Circle.  The reviews of this restaurant ranged from 3-5 stars from an Indian, or 1 star from several White folk.  I've decided that this means the restaurant is authentic and white people don't know jack about South Indian food.  My one claim to being Indian is the food, so don't tell me about your 1 star yelp rating.  I feel the genetic need to support this restaurant.  Unless there's a rat, then I'm going to go on Yelp and give this restaurant a 1 star review, that would go something like this:

"This restaurant is really good based on how long the food is taking to get here and the fact that the waiter talked to me in Hindi just because of the color of my skin.  When I ordered, I was so nervous about being a good Indian that I mispronounced the names of food that I actually DO know, which made me think that the waiter was super disappointed in me.  Several white people left the restaurant while I was sitting there, which made me think they were all racist.  Then I saw a rat, and realized that those weren't peppercorns on the appetizers.  I left calling out to the white people to wait for me, all the while realizing I was the one who was racist."

The best part will be that the end of the post where Yelp asks you if you thought that review was useful.  I should add that feature to this blog!

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