Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy FPF you Run-Mongers!

With basically only 9 days left before my 5K, I guess I better get at least one more C25K OMG SOS! update in here.  As is typical with this blog, nothing I've promised you has really been continued with any real consistency on here.  But in that way, I AM consistent!  Anyways, last night I finished Week 6, Day 2 of the Couch to 5K program.  There are some people out there who didn't think I'd made it this far.  There are some people who said, once he gets to week 4 he'll probably just quit.  The loudest of these voices was my own.  But here I am just 2 weeks away from finishing this program and I'm still alive.  More importantly, I'm actually able to complete these later week runs, which, at least on a treadmill, are going ok.  The real test will be once I'm back in CO and trying to breathe oxygen at high altitudes and with colored powder filling my lungs.  But in those moments of oxygen deprivation, fighting for my right to survive on this planet, I'll just think of myself as a pro-Ukranian Crimean police officer and find the adrenaline to go on.

I have a conference next week so it's unlikely that I'll post much after Monday.  And since the next time you'll really hear anything about my running will be after the 5K, I think it's only fitting to dedicate today's FPF to all the runners out there, who be runnin' for the sake of runnin', ya dig?

Anyways, I'm post-lunch tired, and just want to go to the hotel and watch HBO, so I'll just leave this post here with a Fist Pump Friday pic for the ages.

Happy Fist Pump Friday!

This was me when I first started my C25K:

Then I started running, and I realized that my body was about this old:

But then I started getting better...more in shape...and when I thought about running I got excited:

And although I know I feel like I just did this after a workout....

I'm well aware that this is what it'll look like to anybody watching:

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