Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Buried Dog Food in Hopes of Growing a Dogwood Tree

Good morning friends!  Sorry for the delay in posting.  I was having some technical issues with my computer at work.  For some reason, they decided to restrict access to firefox and make IE our only browser.  Because working at the government is like using a rock tied to a stick to build a house.  If it doesn't seem to be working, just hit things with the rock harder.  But for just as arbitrary a reason as why they took away my access, the government giveth back, and here I sit, rejoicing over the fact that I can use a slightly less substandard internet browser to catablog my life's history.

Back in DC for another two week stint.  The temperatures dropped yesterday, as the storm that brought snow to Denver all dang day Sunday came as a tempest (read:  light drizzle all day) through DC yesterday, dropping temperatures in one day, from a high of 71, to freezing in a matter of hours.  Of course whenever I would hear that phrase, "the temperature is going to drop in a matter of hours" all I could think about was having to run from CGI wolves out of a battle ship back into a library where Emmy Rossum was falling in love with me.  PS - that's the plot of Day After Tomorrow.  Nerdy kid stages elaborate sit in during global warming disaster in hopes to get super hot chick who's clearly got something wrong with her because why else would she hang around all these nerds to fall in love with him.  Also it's something about the weather.  Dennis Quaid is in it, so it can't be that good.  When that guy smiles it looks like his leather face is going to rip apart.  Ok let me dial it back to the point.

Right, so the snow on Sunday.  Oh wait before I get to that, let me tell you about my first foray into landscaping my backyard.  I decided, after picking weeds all Friday (read: 20 minutes, but did nothing the rest of the day), that I would start some of my grand landscape plans.  The soil in my yard is basically sand, rocks, and nails, which I don't believe are natural to Colorado.  But suffice to say, it's not the best environment for planting.  Some soil improvement is desperately needed.  So in a 4x9 square foot area, I decided I would use god-like powers and infuse the soil with nutrients so that I can later plant some blueberry bushes.  So what went into this miracle elixer garden fixer?  Oh the usual stuff:  dog food, cat litter, horse feed and cardboard.  I'm not kidding!

After tilling the soil, putting down some cardboard to keep my neighbor's dogs from going out of control with all the dog food so close to their faces, and making it all pretty, it looked like this:

To get this dirt mixture to break down and make nutrient rich plant growing soil, it requires a lot of water.  This is a problem since I'm out of town for 2 weeks.  But I've devised a solution.  Remember that aforementioned winter storm on Sunday?

Unfortunately the storm didn't stop there....

You know, it's April and I'm pretty much over it being cold and snowy, but it sure is pretty to look at sometimes.

But that's all behind me, and now I'm back in DC.  I'm staying this week at the JW, which would be ballin' if not for it being spring break and the hotel running some kind of family special.  Must be the more kids you bring the cheaper the room, which is why the pool was stacked wall to wall with children and you can't get on an elevator without some screaming child with no parents on there demanding to know what floor they're on every time the door opens.  I imagine I was probably the same way as a kid...I mean...a fancy hotel is pretty much the coolest place a kid can go to right?  I guess it doesn't bother me that much.  But it's fun to bitch about.  Also, this is my view from my room:

So that's it.  More updates tomorrow, including a much needed C25K training update!  Oh PS!  In case you missed my FB album, here's some cherry blossum pictures from last week.  They were glorious.


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