Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Keep My Bubble Cloudy So I Don't Have To Look At The Poverty Beyond It.

Several respected studies out there will tell you that the key to productivity in the workplace is a cup of coffee right when you get to work, not checking email first thing in the morning, and planning your day ahead of schedule, etc...  Real "make your day work for you" kind of stuff.  I disagree.  I'm no scientist, but I think the key to productivity is to be slightly hungover, and Amazon Prime music.  Which is why this afternoon, I find myself ahead of schedule on several work projects (based on my own made up deadlines I guess) and able to carve out a little time to get all bloggy up in this piece.

Since it's been a few weeks since my last blog, I thought I would use my age old tactic of inundating you with pictures instead of actual content.  I know what you people want.  You're Instagram while I'm still LiveJournal.

So let's take a trip a few weeks ago during my last weekend back in Denver.  I woke up that Friday morning, at some ungodly hour while my brain was on east coast time and my body was on 80 year old man time.  I laid in bed thinking, what should I do today?  Maybe get a hair cut?  a little laundry?  Take a walk around the neighborhood? (see 80 year old man comment before...)  But after a quick scan of Facebook I remembered that my good friend Laura was coming for a visit and in just a matter of a couple hours, I cleaned the entire house, read and ignored all the mail, and even bought some fresh flowers because that's something homeowners probably do.  A freshly spruced house was the perfect back drop to an entire day spent completely out of that house. least I got it cleaned.  Unfortunately, I didn't take one picture of me and Laura together that day, drinking, eating, drinking, driving up a mountain, drinking.  But I did take a picture of this grave site of some guy that did some stuff, so use your imagination that we were both there.

The following day, after sitting around in a park drinking beer and watching other people exercise, some friends came back to my house and helped me get in touch with my people.  That is to say, we cooked Indian food.  And in one fell swoop, my house smelled like what all my neighbors probably think my house smells like every day.  Whatever it was BOSS.

Helping!  Also, just a good shot of my house.
frying onions, because this was the only time I could take a picture

From top to bottom:  murgh badaami, papad, green and tamrind chutnies, naan, saag paneer, and basmati rice.

Pretending like they loved it...with their empty plates.
Finally, because I make the most out of my weekends home, I decided Sunday to finally turn the irrigation back on and plant some stuff around the house.  I was even able to get everything planted right before it started raining.  It did not stop raining until Monday, which made for an epic day of laying on the couch watching bad 90s comedies.  As if there were any other kind....

A blueberry bush in the front and a rasberry bush in the back

Some kind of sage plant.  I forget.

1 of 3 columbines planted in the front yard.
So yeah that was that weekend.

Flew back to DC last Monday and spent the week drinking and carousing, as per usual, before the weekend arrived and I could take a break by doing more drinking and carousing.  But the difference was, of course, this Shark Melon:

Also, I'd like to offer no explanation of this image of the Chupacabra.

He only appears in shadows.....and in dreams.
The majority of last weekend was dedicated to eating and drinking.  Sausages were grilled.  Beer was consumed.  Soccer was watched.  Futbol was watched. (I'm a multi-cultural TV watcher.) I also took a quiz called the Bubble Test, which is basically a quiz to tell you how gross and dirty you are because you associate with common folk.  The higher the score (out of 100) the grosser you are.  I got a 21.  I love my bubble.  I think the average amongst several friends is about a 46.  Which means I have some low class friends.  If you want to take it you can do it here:

Warning, it's pretty stupid.

What else?  Last night I went to Rasika, an Indian restaurant here in DC.  The chef for Rasika was awarded a James Beard award, which is a culinary award given for not getting your beard in the soup.  His food and his draanks were top notch.  Which I assume is the best notch.

Some drink
These were samosas.  No joke.  And they were no joke.
Some food
 So that pretty much catches you up to speed in my life.  But because you're a captive audience, I will also include some "totes adorbs" pics of my niece.  Because, as aforementioned, she is totes adorbs.


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