Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Oh! The Way We Were!

Back in my day, the hey day of public pay phones, I used to carry quarters with me wherever I went.  The best coin by far, based on size and quality of eagle-ship, it was the A+ student in a class full of C's.  That eagle, standing proudly in a pre-flight stance, never looking you in the eye out of both respect, and to garner the sense of dread it so richly deserved, never tarnished over time.  Sure the front of the coin looked like G Dubs needed a bath, but even in its dirtiest rendition, the eagle stood out like a gleaming beacon of hope to the huddled (around a pay phone) masses!  So you can imagine my dismay, when I received a quarter yesterday, minted in 2013, that depicted a scene on the back of the carving of Mount Rushmore.  The event, like so many others in American History, is known by only a few of our oldest historians.  Today we assume that Mount Rushmore is a naturally occurring phenom....Each person sees what they want to see.  I mean, I've never personally been there, but I assume that it's the same as when you see a dinosaur in a cloud, which becomes a race car, which becomes an old man's face, which becomes a tornado, AND YOU DIE.  LOL, am I right??

Anyways, while the change in our celebrated coin is alarming, one thing that will never change is the pleasure of a lazy day, soaking in the sun and enjoying the company of wonderful people.  Over the last weekend (yeah I know....I've had better segues...) I spent many hours on rooftops and patios, eating grilled foods, and drinking not grilled wines and summery beers, laughing the day and night away with wonderful people.  Some were spent with new friends here in DC.  Some with apparent Nazi sympathizers.  You just never can tell who you'll be spending your summers with!  When in doubt, follow the smell of corn!

And of course, what's a summer weekend in DC without a good dumpling party in Virginia?  On Sunday afternoon, after already having eaten a wonderful lunch that looked exactly like this:

We then went over to my friend's mom's house and made what can only be described as a "plethora" of chinese dumplings.  The 4 kinds of dumplings, which our host had already made the filling for the day before, were pork and shrimp, pork, shrimp and some vegetable I we kept calling that one "grandma's dumpling", pork, shitake, and bamboo, and pork, shrimp and chinese chive...which btw is not even a real chive.  No one knows what this mysterious herb really is.  Here are some photos from the event.  For our part, we were in charge of dumpling wrapping.  Also dumpling eating.

Our host demonstrating proper dumpling wrapping technique
I made the ones that are the humongous.  Because I'm an AMERICAN
Our host probably saying, "Like this fool!"

Instagram worthy shot.

The finished product.  These were inhaled 3 seconds after this photo was taken.  There were no survivors.
What else?  I feel like going home now so I guess I'll just end this post.  Oh yeah!  I saw this on the other day and I thought it was kind of funny:

You might find that alarming...but I question how I only spend $164 on alcohol in other months.  When I saw that number, I thought the month of May was a

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