Friday, August 1, 2014

I Rocked This Town Like a Hurricane

One of the many ways I will use to validate my entire life will be if I ever get a hurricane named after me.  But every year, while the names get stranger and stranger, no Indian name has cracked the list.  I mean, we’ve had hurricane George, which we were told to pronounce jjjjjeeeeeoooorrrjjjjjje.  Now we have this tropical storm on the horizon, and they decided it should be named Bertha.  Because that’s a name anybody gives their child anymore.  Oh our baby is beautiful jjjeeeeooorrrjjj!  Let’s call her Bertha so that she hates her life and commits suicide at the age of 15.  In her suicide note she’ll say, “but at least I got a storm named after me!”

So my time in DC is nearing its end.  I came like a storm into this town, and I’m leaving much the same way.  With less than a week left here, I should reflect on my last 4 months.  It’s gone by in a whirlwind.  A tempest of fun, wine, food and wine.  Also wine.  There was also a flirtation with popcorn, but it was more hype than anything.  Lots of ideas were born in the last 4 months, all of which will be future Blue Langentine Production projects.  There was:

1.      L Ron Hubbard’s Pizzatology – What’s a better way to convert somebody than with pizza?
2.      Cult Hotels – They offer free body removal.
3.      IV Bars – You get your hangover cure WHILE you’re getting drunk!
4.       Pierce Brosnan’s Acting School for James Bond – Because those who can’t....teach.
5.      And of course L’Bike – Ohio’s greatest indoor cycling class ever known.

There was delicious foods.  So many delicious foods.

Dosa from Amma's

Fried Rice from Rice Paper
Fish Congee from Rice Paper

Caramelized Short Ribs from Rice Paper
DYI Summer Rolls from Rice Paper
Pretzel Bites from Farmers Fishers and Bakers
Banana Pudding Trifle from Farmers Fishers and Bakers
 And what’s a trip this seedy and squalid underbelly of politics without a bomb scare....
Or my friend Lesiure Suit Larry here....

But the time for me to wake up from this fun fantasy is here.  Back to my 45 minute bus rides before sunrise.  And my 9 hours of staring at a computer screen searching for the elusive end of the internet.  And better blog posts because it will be the highlight of my day.  But I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed, and seeing my friends back home, and testing some of these above ideas on my focus group at Project Angel Heart.  But before that comes, there’s still a week’s worth of things to do!  First stop, NYC for the weekend.  Then, last ever Monday night at Circa!  Then, Cirque Du Soleil!  And that’s all before my last night here!  Oh yeah, and I’m going to Chile.  Did I mention that?

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