Monday, August 18, 2014

This Post is Totes "Khac Nhau", Am I Right?!

The science of Monday Morning Blues is undeniable (just like evolution you dummies!)  Sleep deprivation caused by an interrupted sleep schedule, and of course alcohol, damage your fragile brain, and impede your body's ability to repair those damaged parts in a timely manner.  Therefore, when you wrench yourself out of bed on Monday morning to the tune of some brain exploding alarm clock questioning every decision you've made in life that got you to the point where you were a slave to a 6 AM alarm clock, wondering if life would be better in Spain, it can be a bit rough.  You have only some small victories.  The oatmeal you made the night before so you don't have to wonder about breakfast.  The fact that the laundry was both done AND put away earlier in the weekend.  And the lack of Monday traffic, maybe due to shifting patterns now that school has started.  These little things were all angels of mercy on this morning where I could barely keep my eyes open, and even the terrible keurig coffee waiting for me at work sounded wonderful.

But what caused this disrupted sleep pattern you ask?  (You probably didn't ask did were just sitting here saying, "where the hell are the pictures?  Ungrateful!)

Well to answer your slash my question, it was another fun filled action packed weekend that caused my current malaise.  Friday night, I went to a Rockies game with some friends.  $15 gets you tickets to the stadium's rooftop party deck, a bi-level deck with a sports bar, cabanas, and a railing to watch the games while drinking your favorite (read: cheapest) beer.  The best part is the ticket also covers about $6 in food and beverage, so it's really a cheap ticket to watch a game.  Unfortunately, we forgot to actually watch any of the game, spending more time instagramming pictures of the stadium and each other.  Money well spent if you ask me.  Things get blurry after that, but there was a pool hall and shots made with all liquor.  Not a bunch of liquor.  ALL liquor.

Most of Saturday was spent recovering, however, I did manage to go out that night for dinner to Denver's best kept Vietnamese secret.  In a city full of great Vietnamese restaurants, Saigon Bowl really stands out above the rest.  Each of these dishes below could have fed the two of of course we ordered three things.  All this for $30!

Thit Nuong Banh Trang - Grilled Pork Summer Rolls (DIY)

Chau Ca - Rice Porrige w/ Fish

Goi Thom Thit - Traditional Vietnamese Salad with Pork, Shrimp and Cabbage
After dinner, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, the Marvel film starring that guy from Parks and Rec and Vin Diesel as a guy who only has one line in the movie but says it 1000x.  Seriously, that's the only kind of acting Vin Diesel should do.  Also his character was CGI so you didn't even have to look at his bald, way to much skin showing head.  The movie was surprisingly funny and a pretty good time.  I think it was 2 hours long, but don't worry it has the greatest 80s soundtrack since Detroit Rock City.

On Sunday, after having brunch downtown, my friend wanted to check out this Wild Life Sanctuary in BFE, CO.  BFE is basically anywhere that's 1 mile outside of Denver or Boulder.  It's a vast wasteland of farm equipment and circus folk.  Probably.

This "sanctuary", which I repeatedly whispered like it was something out of LOST, is a haven for large mammals that are rescued primarily from private owners.  And when I say privately owned large mammals, I'm not talking somebody's Alpaca farm in California.  I'm talking Lions, Tigers, and Bears OH MY!  There was some intro up front, which I ignored except for when the lady said there's more privately owned tigers in Texas right now then there are in the wild.  Seriously, maybe Texas should keep their guns.  THEY OWN TIGERS.  What the crap, Texas?  WHAT. THE. CRAP.

anyways, I took this voyeuristic photo of a tiger bathing.  I can only assume that this bath is just like in its natural habitat. 

These lions probably built this structure too.  You can tell by the way they're all territorial about it like, "This is our shit.  Hakuna Matata Bitches!"

What else did I do this weekend?  Oh yeah, I saw Divergent.  The film is about a girl who doesn't have normal human reactions to stressful situations because there's this boy you not twilight.  It's set in a future world where people are divided up into different groups.  No not hunger games.  It has to do with love and growing up.  No not twilight and hunger games.  Why won't you believe it's different than that?!  Because it's not.  Apparently it's a pretty huge market right now to write teenage love stories set in improbable worlds where worrying about life and death comes second to dealing with those butterflies in your stomach when he looks at you from across the room.  I can only imagine that the movie is called Divergent because it diverges from any sense of realistic situation in life.  Don't get me wrong, I just bought the series.  My reading level is on a steep decline.

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