Monday, November 10, 2014

And So It Was.

And so it was, dear friends, with a howling wind, and frigid sky, the end of our wistful, care-free summer was over.  As we looked to each other we knew, without a whisper of a word, that the gleeful songs of our feathered companions would be but a memory, and the lonesome song of silence would play louder in its emptiness than all the laughter of seasons long forgotten.  Now, in the harshest and most unwelcome of ways, would the cold, stark blight of winter rear its ugly head.  The ferocious streams of snow masking the once green pastures.  The blustering wind blinding our eyes with tears.  There we were, on the brink of the next renaissance...a truly gilded age about to begin, when in the flap of a hummingbird’s wings, we found ourselves huddled in our makeshift shelters, witnessing the end of days, and ay, even....the end of humanity.

And now, in the twilight of our happiest days, one can't help but think back to the healthier times.  To days before carbon monoxide was leaking out of my oven and I could still cook things like:

Or to an era of television where a cartoon show could be monotone and not-obviously ironic:

 Here's some more Halloween pics just because.


And there it is.  In the waning moments of this day, can we stop and reflect and think back, despite it not being a Throwback Thursday, that it IS in fact a Mournful Monday, to mark the melancholy misgivings and masked misery that maddens our mantles.  Yes.  Winter has arrived.

The view outside my office window:

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