Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy New Year!

Once, for a fleeting moment, I thought that this blog could generate enough traffic that I could make some extra, let's call it coffee money just from advertisements and clicks or however that bullshit works.  But then instead I just stopped blogging for months at a time.  Well here it is, still in the midst of the New Year, in the year of our lord two thousand and fifteen, where I find myself with a little spare time, and potentially some interesting things to say.

First to catch you up, I spent a good half of December in Florida, where the climate, both weather related and family related was mild and breezy almost the entire time.  While I have no control of the former, the latter was a direct result of my niece, the 2 year old glue that has brought my family together.  Once more there is joy in the house.  Personally, I tried to keep things on a pretty even, and professional level with my niece.  Instead of the more familiar family names that some others were affected with, I tried to teach my niece the proper way to address me:

Cute as she was, she couldn't fill all the hours of my days there, but thankfully I actually had the opportunity to visit with all my Florida friends on this trip, and the two weeks I was gone flew by!  Yet nothing was quite the stark reality of coming back to Denver as the 70 degree change in weather from when I left Tampa to when I landed in Denver.  Blinded by cold blight that laid upon the winterlands of Northern Colorado, I miserably accepted the fact that I had to yet again go back to my boring job.  At least I can now pass the time at work doing such important things as:

  • Reading books i've already read.
  • Watching the first season of Orphan Black
  • Buying stuff on Amazon.  Seriously amazon, you are my godsend.

Of course, not all days in Denver are bad by any means.  This winter has been about as mild as it can be, just coming off a 50 degree and sunny weekend.  And then, I get to wake up to this:

And of course, what's a blog post without me bragging about something I made and/or ate recently?  Here are things!

Seafood Bouillabaisse.  Who the eff knows how to spell that by the way?

Zucchini and Goat Cheese Tart.  And by Tart i mean flour dusted butter sticks.

Pressure cooker pot roast with whiskey glazed parsnips and carrots.  Because only I would ask for a pressure cooker for Christmas.

Lastly, I ate dinner at my favorite Vietnamese restaurants the other night.  The fish chau and softshell crab spring rolls were expectedly amazing.  But what else makes this nondescript restaurant with an encyclopedia like menu amazing?  They tell you about their secret menu in the worst possible way.

What else to report?  I am working on a small patio project which I'm waiting till it's finished to post about.  Slash, 6 months from now when i do my next post you'll see the failed attempt at a patio project that fizzled too early.  Think I'm exaggerating?  You should see the 11 blades of grass that came up in my yard after I seeded it.

Thus ends my 1st quarter blog post.  I hope it was worth your time.  As a distraction to it's poor writing, I leave you with with THIS:

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