Monday, April 20, 2015

Oklahoma: The Place Where The Last Person In My Party Died of Dysentery on The Oregon Trail

I just spent the last 3 weeks in Oklahoma City and boy are my arms tired!  (nailed it.)

Back in the privacy of my palacial office in Denver, I'm able to relay all the horrors of my trip to Oklahoma.  Actually it was a nice 3 week vacation from all the nothing I do all day, by doing about the minimal amount of work I could possibly do away from my desk.  Not by my design, of course, but sometimes destiny is just knocking on your skull telling you to be brave and get another job.  Much like most things that hit me on the head, I'm ignoring it or waiting until it forms a lump.  While OKC is not that much of a cultural metropolis, (yes there is heavy prejudice in my voice), I was very surprised by the dining options I found there.  I don't just mean big steaks and bbq, but modern, well thought out food, from sustainable, locally sourced farms.  I bet they didn't even use GMOs, which like MSG I like to pretend is sprinkled on at the end.  More on GMO talk later though.  Here are some of the better things I ate over the last three weeks:

Kale Cesar Salad from The Wedge
Brisket Pizza from The Wedge

Duck Raviolis with Vietnamese Salad from Guersney Park

Bacon, Avocado, Fried Egg, Pepperocini Sandwich with Red Quinoa Salad from The Mule
Grilled Pork Chop with Bacon Saurkraut Fried Rice from Guersney Park

Banh Mi from Lee's Sandwiches in "The Asian District"

They baked their own bread at Lee's.
.....The Asian District.....we'll just let that totally racist name for an area of town pass, OKC.

My favorite restaurant I found is actually a Texas born restaurant called Whiskey Cake.  I never bothered to learn what a whiskey cake is, but I kept thinking of urinal cakes so I didn't dwell on it too much.  I ate here at least 3 times during my stay, with the finest meal being this pork steak with cheese habanero grits.


Other than the food, I was equally impressed by the size of homes in Oklahoma City.  Maybe I was in the nicer part of town when I was there, or maybe being in the business of non-renewable fossil fuels is the way to go if you want to make it in this world.  All I know is, nobody needs this much house.  Unless you want to play epic games of hide and seek every weekend....

I mean....really?  You better have 12 kids with your 4 sister wives if you're living there.  But that's Utah.

In other unrelated news, Spring is here, as you may have figured out, unless you live in Massachusettes, which will forever be blanketed in a winter because Tom Brady.  With Spring, I've once again decided to work as minimally as possible on my own yard, with just a few new additions growing:

A new donkey tail plant that maybe I won't kill come winter.

I don't remember what this is called, but they look like anal beads so.....

One day, years from now, this will be the lavender bush I was too cheap to just buy.

This is a picture of my finger covering a picture of a a golden lily

The courtyard I live on has some prime, irrigation ready planter boxes and spaces that we've agreed to actually plant in this year (after we learned our HOA is useless.)  One neighbor, who I often compare to an alpha dog (seriously, this is the first time I've done that) said that her only request in this project, (read:  tyrannical demand) was that all the produce we grow be GMO free.  She then proceeded to tell us all what we'd be planting, and that really, other than starting some seeds, she's not putting any money into it at all.  She did that by manipulating one neighbor to buy the grape vines we want to trail up the pergolas, and by manipulating me to buy all the herbs.  Maybe I'll just grow weed.  It's medicinal, right?  Of course most of that is not for another month, as optimal growing season in CO starts after Mother's Day.  I will likely feign ignorance at that point that I committed to anything.  In our larger planter boxes, we're ambitiously growing pumpkins canteloupes, eggplant, peppers, hot peppers, carrots, green beans, and countless other things.  I imagine growing that much produce in a confined space will end up looking something like this:

Although, based on some  of more persistent residents of the neighborhood, it will probably look like this:

That poor child never stood a chance....

Finally, I'll take a minute and just update on other things in my life, of lesser importance.  Outside of eating and gardening, my lesser hobbies include Fitnesss, Upping my Kitchen Game, Home Improvement, and Travel.  Actually Travel is like #2 behind eating, but whatever, I just gave you a 3 week recap of OKC, so cool your jets, man!


So I've been actively training for this Boulder Bolder 10K (or is it Bolder Boulder?)  I'm up to running (read:  wheezing and walking between bouts of accidental running) 4 miles.  The race is on Memorial Day weekend so the clock's a ticking.  As is my heart....much louder than normal these days.....that's ok right?  I credit my much better running pace (which is still just short of walking...slowly) to my new kicks, the Brooks Glycern 11's.  I don't know which basketball player Brooks was to get his own shoe, but he must have been running up and down that court all damn day.

My Kitchen Game:

Not that I need more stuff in my kitchen, but I got a baller kitchen, y'all, so you know I'm gonna keep buying stuff for it.  The latest was a B'day present from my mom, in the shape of a brand new blender.  It comes with several attachments that I will never use because, dishes.  But I did learn this cool mason jar trick and I've been slurping down some silky and satisfying smoothies every morning ever since.  

Home Improvement:

So the last room in my house that I haven't done SOMETHING in is my own bedroom.  Mostly because I have no problem living like I have a meth den, apparently.  So my big project inside my house been trying to turn this....

...into this:

But so far, this is where we are:

A new headboard and bed arrive this week!


Lastly, I'll just end with this.  I'm going to Vietnam in like 2 weeks.  And honestly, I don't see myself updating before that trip, so I guess the next time you hear from me, I'll have contracted yellow fever.

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