Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What Happens in Austin, Stays in BLOGstin. Also, a Wedding.

When I was a senior in high school, we went on a "science and math" related field trip to Busch Gardens, an amusement park in Florida.  I honestly don't remember what the science or math part was, but I was in a group of fantastic high school friends, and our chaperone was our calculus teacher, who aside from being really fun and closer to our age than most of the "foot-in-grave" crew that made our teachers, was also cool about doing all the work for us so we could just ride roller coasters and think of ways to sneak beer.  To this day, it was one of the most fun days I've ever had.  I remember almost every part of that entire day, and how much I laughed and enjoyed myself.  Those are the gems when we're older that we take with us.  The memories of great days.  The only thing that is sweeter is when we recognize that those days are happening...in the present.  Well that's what the Austin Bach-el-or-ette party was a couple months ago.  A social experiment of tens upon tens of people meeting for the first time and expected to create everlasting bonds.  (or at least Facebook friend requests.)

And bond we did.

The weekend started off like any weekend, with immense luck the likes of which the world has never seen.  Let me run it down for you.

Arrive at airport parking lot that is supposedly full, but get the best spot in the entire lot.  CHECK
Everybody gets pre-checked.  pre-CHECK
With only 20 minutes till boarding, find a bar that happens to be right next to our gate.  CHECK
4 spots at said bar open up right as we get there.  CHECK
Southwest gives us free booze because, why not?  CHECK
Arrive at baggage claim as all 3 of our bags arrive one after another.  CHECK
Get free breakfast for being base level nothing at the hotel, again, because why not?  CHECK

Upon our arrival to the hotel on Friday, we immediately took shots.  The next thing I remember was that it was Sunday. 

I originally started this post a month ago, but since then the actual wedding has already happened.  So instead of long introductions, here's a picture of the crew from the B-Party:

These jokers also showed up at every bar.
So that was fun.  Anyways, fast forward a couple of months to the wedding time.  There's too much to write about there, so instead, I'll just give you a few tips and things you need to know for the next time you attend/plan/work/have a wedding.

First, any DIY crafting group worth their salt should have a Union.

Second, repeatedly hammering a nail into a piece of tree is a good way to relieve wedding stress.

Third, remember it's gonna be a long day.  So try to keep it classy and don't drink too much.

Fourth, try not to be too sexy, or you will overshadow the couple getting married.

Guess I failed at that one.

And lastly,  a few props, and perfect timing, are the key to any memorable wedding photos.

So all in all, a fun wedding.  But now the wedding is over, and it's back to the grind.  Summer in Denver, is one of my most coveted seasons here.  Right up there with, beginning of summer and almost the end of summer, weather wise.  But this year has been a maelstrom of....well maelstroms.  When it's not hailing, pouring ground-can't-absorb levels of rain, tornado-ing, or terraforming the climate into a Florida swamp, it's too busy becoming 60 degrees in July.  WTF Denver?  The few hours of the day where we get a blissful 90 degrees and sunny weather are great, but why can't you save some of that for when I want to go to the pool?  Or pretty much anywhere outside that's not work...  And don't even get me started my plants.  That's a whole other post.  Maybe I'll write one tomorrow called.  HOA = Hellish Oblivious A-holes. 

C'mon man....I can do better than that.

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