Friday, August 14, 2015

Happy FPF from the Folks Who Brought You Turducken

The scientific community supporting "Animal Hybridization" is pretty small, or at least it would seem.  But they are a force that can no longer be ignored.  The very act of hybridizing two seemingly unique and different animals to make something better is not itself a new concept.  We've been doing it for years with food (i.e. the grapple - the texture of an apple with all the not part of nature grape flavoring goodness).  We have done it with geographies....I mean there's an Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas!  Heck, we've even done it with people.  Everyone knows a half-sy baby will be amazingly good looking its whole life (except for that first 6 months when the two halves are still trying to meld....)

So why not animals?  What are we so afraid of?  Why must I decide between chicken and pork, when I could just have chork?  I assume that's basically what spam is anyways.  What's the big argument against Science meat?  It's TOO easy to mass produce and feed starving folks?  It's TOO easy to control what goes in it so that you are getting the best possible outcome?  You'll MISS mad cow disease?

And even with live animals, I see many many benefits.  I mean, right now we don't use many animals in military positions what with their penchant to poop everywhere, but it's hard to argue with their natural prowess and agility.  And while I don't think a shark would fare well against a submarine in the ocean, what if we had a batallion riding these amazing creatures in the fight against terror?

The possibilities are endless!  Of course, this would have to be highly regulated....we can't just let anybody go start experimenting.  Otherwise we'll end up with this kind of terrifying monstrosity.

Good luck sleeping tonight with that image in your head.  But seriously, just think about it.  The AH movement is small but strong, and we will soon see the fruits of our labor. 

But let's change gears here, because AH is not what today is all about.  Today is about recognizing that it's the end of the week, and with that, comes a time honored tradition, of taking one's fists, and furiously pumping them into the air.  Some might say, like you just don't care.  So with dreams of monsters in your head, and the taste of chork in your mouths, let us all take a minute to celebrate this most glorious of Fist Pump Fridays!  Happy FPF!

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