Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Milking of New York's Nipples

Well we are now entering hour 7 of a Windows Update rendering my computer completely ineffective at work.  I can't get on the internet except for the most basic life functions (like blogging!) and pretty much any of the products from Microsoft are inaccessible.  Really great when I'm on an assignment up in New York where time is a huge factor.  But when all else fails, blog about it, right?

At least I'm in New York!  For being just an hour flight away, you'd think I'd be up here all the time, but really this is only my 4th time up here.  Too few times to really know my way around the city, but enough times that I already have a favorite neighborhood that I like walking around for dinner every night.  Tribeca, or TriBeCa, or Try, Becca! as they have never emphasized it, is a posh little area just north of the Financial District and just south of Greenwich Village and the West Village, which, to me, are just different names for the same neighborhood.  In fact, if google maps didn't tell me where i was, I'd just call it all Greenwich Village.  Much like how I used to call pretty much every neighborhood in Denver Cap Hill.  It just sounds better, OK?!  Anyways, if you could squash down your judgment for just a bit, I'll give you a lot more to judge me for later.  Try, Becca! is basically owned by Robert DeNiro (as opposed to the other DeNiro anybody knows.  Seriously, just take a beat and think about it, do you know any other DeNiro?  Why doesn't he just drop the name Robert at this point and be a one name powerhouse?)  DeNiro (meaning, "Of Niro") owns the Try, Becca! Grill, a restaurant where I once ate some kind of noodle with pork.  It was awesome.  Next door is the Try, Becca! film center or such whatever, which DeNiro started because who's going to say no to DeNiro?  The area is a mixture of cobblestone alleys and main thoroughfares, with several sidewalk restaurants.  While mostly upscale Italian restaurants, there are a few other interesting options as well, such as high end Indian food (trust me it's more than just a pot of orange colored chicken....although the one time I went there I colored chicken), a famous brunch spot called Bubby's, and even a two-Michelin starred Korean restaurant that I'm trying to decide if I have enough money to go to or not.  I should start with a one Michelin star restaurant first right?  Don't you have to go in order?  Am I arrogant enough to go straight to Medium when I haven't even beat Easy?

So there's probably other places in NY worth visiting, like buildings and what not, and like central park, but I only stay at hotels in Lower Manhattan so who's going to walk that far?  I'm already killing it on fitbit with the walking I'm doing to the closer neighborhoods already.  I come back for two other weeks this year.  Perhaps I'll explore another neighborhood one of those weeks, like Chelsea, or the Meatpacking District, or the Garment District, or the Cups District.  Wouldn't that be something?  A Cups District.....where you go to get all your cups.  Or probably, where people of yore used to go get their (thore?) cups.

"Oh Alfred, please stop by the Cups District on your way back from the bustier factory and bring me back 3 cups of variable worth."  - 19th century lady who was way ahead of Anna Kendrick's time.  You know, because of that cups song.  C'mon, you KNEW that.  Ok, I clearly have nothing else to say.

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